my name is olivia {liv}, and i am an intuitive witch! i created art for the vessel out of my devotion for crystals and energy work. i have seen first hand how crystals and their energies/powers can generate healing from within, and i long to share this with others. 

crystals and energy work are some of the most potent ways to understand ourselves, who we truly are, and who we want to grow into!

art for the vessel handcrafts wire wrapped necklaces, intention papers, spell kits, herbal blends, bath rituals, and has a variety of intuitively chosen ethical crystals and geodes.
When choosing a crystal, follow your intuition, it will guide you to what you need most, what your energy desires, and what will help you transition into your highest self.
We ensure each and every crystal in the shop is ethically and sustainably sourced. Often enough, crystals and metaphysical supplies are sourced under terrible conditions, both to the people who derive materials, and to the planet we call home. art for the vessel strives to make a difference regarding sourcing crystals!
LIV <333