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violet flame opal wire wrapped necklace

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raw genuine and ethical violet flame opal!

wire wrapped by hand, with the choice of 925 silver chain, or black cord.

made to order, size, colour and wire wrapping vary as each piece is unique, with its own special energy! choose from small (1-3cm), medium (3-4cm) or large (4-6cm).

violet flame opal has a very soothing and softening energy. it calms and balances the physical body, and the aura. violet flame opal has a very potent connection to the third eye. it has the ability to dissolve and transmute negative energies while inducing harmony to the whole self. violet flame opal connects the self to higher spirits and energies. it cleanses, balances and purifies while bringing your to a higher state of consciousness.

CHAKRA CORRESPONDENCE: third eye and crown chakra

images of crystals shown on the necklaces are examples only. the crystal you receive will have slight variations, as all crystals are unique!