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dressed spell chime candles (bundle of 3)

dressed spell chime candles (bundle of 3)

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dressed spell candles are great tools for crafting spells, and increasing the speed of which manifestations become your reality.

dressed chime candles are dressed in herbs and anointed in oil, that corresponds with the specific intentions.

these dressed spell candles come in a set of 3!


THE LOVE WITCH (red) - used in spells for love and lust. induces manifestations related to love, passion, self love, admiration and obsession. these candles are dressed in rose petals, passionflower root, lavender and cinnamon


THE CLEANSER (white) - used for protection, clarifying, releasing and cleansing spells. helpful for clarity and purification of energies while protecting you from any negative energies coming your way. dressed in bay leaves, rosemary, lavender buds and lemon balm


TEA LEAVES AND TAROT (purple) - used for spells involving divination, spirit work, and psychic intuition. these candles induce psychic gifts, and make connecting with spirits easier and more powerful. dressed in herbs including anise seeds, mugwort, lavender, and more!


ABUNDANCE OF THEE (green) - used for spells related to luck, abundance and prosperity. these candles induce manifestations regarding money, prosperity, consistent flow of abundance and good fortune! candles are dressed in patchouli, bergamot, ginger and cinnamon


WATCH ME WHILE I BLOOM (pink) - used for spells corresponding to self love, growth, admiration and appreciation of the self. these candles induce self love, and the ability to see yourself for who you truly are. candles are dressed in rose petals, lavender, orange peel and passionflower


CITRUS SUCCESS (orange) - used in spells related to success, energy, confidence, and creativity. these candles induce feelings of confidence, which aids in the outcome of creativity and energy! these candles are dressed in ginger, basil, lemon and orange peel, basil and cinnamon!


*DRESSED SPELL CANDLES NEED TO BE WATCHED WHILE BURNING. place them in a cauldron, chime candle holder or fireproof bowl to burn them, to insure safety.

DRESSED SPELL CANDLES burn differently than regular candles, as they contain herbs, never leave them unattended.*

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