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labradorite wire wrapped necklace

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raw genuine and ethical labradorite from brazil!

wire wrapped by hand, with the choice of 925 silver chain, or black cord.

made to order, size, colour and wire wrapping vary as each piece is unique, with its own special energy! choose from small (1-3cm), medium (3-4cm) or large (4-6cm).

labradorite is one of the strongest crystals for psychic abilities, spiritual awakenings, and divination.

labradorite will help you find your true path, along with your truest self. its vibrant energies focus in on purposefullness and clarity. when labradorite is used, it can help accentuate all psychic abilities, and clearer connection to spirits. labradorite balances and protects the aura, while raising consciousness on all levels.

it can assist in diminishing fear, anxiety, and insecurities. it allows you to truly feel at peace with yourself, and higher self.

CHAKRA CORRESPONDENCE: throat and third eye chakra

images of crystals shown on the necklaces are examples only. the crystal you receive will have slight variations, as all crystals are unique!