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the love witch pendulum

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handcrafted resin and crystal pendulum. Each “Love Witch” pendulum is filled with energetically charged rose quartz chips, and rose petals for love, acceptance and growth.

Love Witch pendulums are great for self love, self acceptance and love/admiration work. (can be used in any way you feel most drawn to)!

Pendulums are used in many different practices, to assist in divination and energy connection. It is a very simple method of divination, and very effective!

Pendulums can be used to communicate with higher beings and deities (Aphrodite, hades, Gaia, the horned god etc etc), deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and the higher self.

Pendulums are used to receive messages and answers, to help us decide on our paths, gaining insight and enlightening information that we will need to know. Pendulums are one of the many divination tools, with its main assets being able to give us yes or no answers.

It is important to find a pendulum that you feel drawn to. This will allow your subconscious mind to be able to connect with energy flow, assisting in clearer answers.

  • Each pendulum is handcrafted, which means every piece is unique! Because of this, each individual pendulum’s flower and crystal placement may vary! *